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Angel C

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Where there's a will there's a rider.
Tampa, Florida
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Writer in Tampa, Florida

I'm an
Hello, I would like to express a sincere interest in a writing position. Despite life's chaotic nature, the general public finds it challenging to find colorful reading material as a way to escape their daily woes. My education and previous experience as a writer only sharpened my skills. I understand the importance of how an author’s tone sets the stage and mood for any audience. A product developer in New York who struggled to make his work sound interesting contracted me. Although I had no prior knowledge of the masonry trade, I took it upon myself to face the challenge of learning it well and add creativity. I had to be self-sufficient and goal oriented adding my own personal flair. Initially Mr. G had very little time for an interview so I independently made a list of questions that guided me into his invention. Learning the process directed me into exploring further dimensions into his product line. My primary goal was to understand the meaning and significance behind his product’s history and to make it appealing. Interestingly, a little history transformed one idea after another. I used my academic experience to research, analyze, and collect data to compare and contrast the trade and review the marketing trends to make it more compelling. Looking into the names, symbols, and logos also gave an added value to my inquiries. It was necessary that I learn the inventor’s objectives, scope of services, responsibilities, fees, and overall benefits. After I understood the fundamentals of Mr. G’s area of expertise, it became easier to illustrate and elaborate further on building my credibility as a writer. As he began to read my written draft, his eyebrows lifted, his eyes opened wide, and he smiled. It was clear that Mr. G was satisfied and intrigued to read more. He had always felt his work was boring and he never once thought it could sound so interesting. I researched layers of information until I saw how they all were interconnected. It was apparent that I was better equipped to entice perspective clients to inquire of his services. One important aspect in my research was frequently evaluating what I was learning; this only improved my methodical analysis and routine assessments and I had fun with it. I have attached a brief summary of Mr. G’s biography. Biography of JEG (Private Company), LLC is a private masonry company. JEG is a product developer that has spearheaded the stonework trade passed down by his parents. (Private Company), LLC has successfully operated in Providence, Rhode Island and Oyster Bay, New York. JEG has recently relocated to the Meriden area in Connecticut in search for commercial customers. His product offers a unique and innovative design for both large and small projects. (Private Company), LLC’s relocation is based on a thriving market. Interestingly, JEG became the recipient benefactor of ingenious heritable figures that greatly impacted his life. His ancestry had become a symbolic symbiosis that proved advantageous with the pursuit of stoning perfection. JEG was determined to create a formula that would outlast his father’s. It only took him 20 years to perfect. He chemically enhanced his father’s formula to make it stronger, lighter, and even extended the warranty to last almost two lifetimes. Influenced by innovative descendants, his life has been impacted greatly by revolutionizing a product that can change the world and future generations for a constructive environment. For additional information on (Private Company) products and services, please contact Mr. G at 914.xxx.xxxx or email at ...**********. Why I’m A Good Fit: I learned that the key to mastering this trade was through the concept of critical thinking, strong communication skills, and self-sufficiency. As my perspective expanded, my thinking began to shift and my understanding of any profession transforms. Personalizing my writing to fit the needs of any industry and applying intellectual standards has only enhanced my strengths by adopting activated knowledge. The juices keep flowing. I believe that I am a good fit for this role because I have developed the basic tenets of communication through my didactic leadership. I support the needs of my contracted employers exceptionally well and love writing to entertain any audience. I enjoy asking relative questions, employing logic, and providing support in all aspects of writing. The company’s interest in hiring a person with these skill sets tells me that we mutually share the same values. Look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Angel

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