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Columbus, Ohio
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Writer Job in Columbus, Ohio

I'm an
Please email or text... I just started my own online publication... I've attached below a little bit about it. I am looking for ambitious writers who are willing to accept non-paid positions. (No one is getting paid, not even me, in fact, I am funding the site on my own budget right now so if anything I am losing money). With that said, who knows if maybe down the road this will be a for-profit company. A little about myself: I am a student at OSU who really wants to write and share my vision, and the visions and talents of others with the world. We are very early in the inception of this website, and I am acting as "Editor-in-Chief" as of now. I have already offered and tentatively contracted a Managing Editor for the website. I am still looking for 3 to 4 editor positions, and writers and contributors in any way. Read below a little more about the site and then get in touch with me via email if you are interested. If you get in touch with me via email, I will probably want to engage in a lot of communication with you before I make any decisions on anything so be prepared to interact and demonstrate communication and social skills. Just because this is going to be an online endeavor doesn't mean I don't want to know you. Anyone feel free to contact; preferred if you live near campus, are attending a high school, college, or furthering your education in Columbus. I am looking to build people's resumes as well as helping us all build as writers. Must be a hard worker, adhere to deadlines, and open and honest in your writing and in person. I am super friendly, feel free to tell me about yourself. :) **Note: Some wordage on this site may need changed in future** Talkagon http://....com/ (Anything that is on Talkagon right now is mostly there for design purposes. . . some of the articles were quickly bull-shitted so I could fill some space to see how things would look.) Talkagon went public on May 9th, 2015. Talkagon was created by Jordan Tipton, a sophomore studying Marketing at The Ohio State University. The idea for Talkagon had its early stages in Jordan's life when he was 16 years old and he befriended fellow high school classmate Travis Wolf. The two went into writing together and developed a partnership in which the two critiqued and edited one another's work, and even began writing their own book under the working title of "Two Percent". The two went on a short hiatus as lives when different directions upon Travis' 2011 high school graduation and Jordan's subsequent 2012 high school graduation. The two began a very short-lived writing co-op in 2013 under the name "Two Percent Productions" which was never more than a few short stories attached to a Facebook page. In April of 2015, Jordan began writing again independently and in May of 2015 he began site construction for what he wanted to name "TwoPercent....." but was unable to do so at the time. He underwent site construction under the working title "untitlednotes" a name he developed based off of how many stories he had in his phone saves as "untitled notes". Finally, on May 7th, Jordan began working under eventual site title "Talkagon" derived from "talks" he used to have with his friend, Travis, in what they coined "the octagon" at a local park. The premise behind Talkagon (now still in its beginning) is versatile but with a central idea: "Unoppressed writing". Jordan wanted to create a site where the writers didn't write on behalf of "Talkagon", but where Talkagon's writers wrote on behalf of themselves. Jordan developed the idea as he noticed how many "news media outlets" and "social media journalists" too often write so much on behalf of a central idea they share with their company, that the entire writing industry was becoming one huge. . . well, Buzzfeed. And, if it wasn't becoming Buzzfeed, it was becoming anti-Buzzfeed which created a whole new conglomerate of bogged down writing. Since the year of 2013 it seemed like we were living in a very compressed writing world, and the idea behind Talkagon was to give writing back to the writer. People shouldn't be writing so defensively, in other words. Along with its versatility, hopes for Talkagon was that it could be a mix between "journalism" and "blogging" which are two loosely used terms today in the changing writing world. The "featured element" of Talkagon that founder Jordan wanted for the site was the idea of "Stories" which is the first menu button on the page, and what the saying found at the top of the website, "Writing as Unoppressed as Your Late Night Thoughts" stemmed from. The idea behind the "stories" was for "scathingly true" personal accounts that could be as open and poignant as our late night thoughts or even our late night talks we "had with our friend in The Octagon". It is working under anonymity for the time being, but if at a future time it is deemed that author's names should be attached to the personal accounts then they will be. The stories section will likely start out as a few trusted writers who give personal accounts, but the idea for it down the road is for readers to submit their own stories. A final "marketing objective" of the stories page is for it to be something people go on at night before they are falling asleep and they can read deep personal telling's that can in a way console or comfort their own night thoughts. Jordan's thoughts he shared with Travis in the Octagon and elsewhere throughout the friendship were sacred to him, and his idea was to create an interface where everyone could have a safe place to read what other people are going through, without it having to be censored by the fears of social media. And as stated, the stories section is the wildcard for the site in a way, but it has high upside and an element about it that separates it from other outlets. To accompany the site, Jordan also started with the launch of Current Events, Movie Reviews, and Sports. What would separate these from other sites that feature the same "content"? Well, again, the idea of the writing being unoppressed by anything. The vision for the future is to bring in writers who can write as true to themselves as possible to attribute to these site functions. In addition to people who might want to come onto the site to read stories, Jordan's idea is to establish an audience who wants to read a story about what happened in sports that day, or to see what one of our writers had to say about a movie that might have come out 23 years ago, or to read crazy rants about something that happened in the news that day. What are the site's plan's for the future? May 9th, 2015 -- June 9th, 2015: Times are going to be really busy on Jordan who is going to be working a lot to save money for upcoming junior year of college. Plans include:  Further develop the site  Further develop the vision  Offer and fill position of Managing Editor whose duties can be negotiable but will be offered as 30% ownership, has veto powers in Talkagon's operation, has editing rights to any content, and can offer ideas to site design and ideas. In addition, the Managing Editor will have opportunity to bring on people under or with him as writers and contributors to the site. o There will be an Editor-in-Chief (Jordan) who will sometimes be called the Co-Managing Editor alongside person who fills position. June 9th, 2015 -- August 31st, 2015  Have site open to public by beginning of college autumn semester  Have established vision shared with co-directors of site.  Have positions lined up for site contributors and writers August 31st, 2015 -- December 31st, 2105  Offer managerial editor positions to each page of our website (Stories Editor, Sports Editor, Current Events Editor, and Movie Reviews Editor) over winter break.  Bring on someone (who may have to be compensated) to design website professionally.  Bring on someone within Talkagon or outside Talkagon who could develop app, and/or manage social media for Talkagon.  Advertise Talkagon throughout campus and via social media  By December 31st: 2 Managing Editors, 4 Editors, 1 Web Designer, and hopefully we have 3-5 solid contributing writers by this point. (Of course, one person could hold more than one position.) Early 2016  Begin having monthly meetings with all Talkagon contributors (roughly 7-9 contributors)  Begin planning for the future, do we want to profit? What is working? What isn't working? Late 2016 (senior year)  Do we want to associate and/or partnership with anyone?  Do we want to expand? Do we want to implement video? Etc.

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