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Sarah M

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Your self-proclaimed "How NOT To" girl.
Los Angeles, California
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Writer in Los Angeles, California

I'm an
SCREENWRITING - With over ten years experience, I can turn your true stories or ideas into a marvel on the big screen. There are a variety of different services I can consult on including structure, dialogue, and character development which adds multi-dimensional layers to put your story on a roller-coaster ride of excitement. My niche is comedy, but I have written courtroom thrillers, dramas and an occasional biopic. I take criticism well and encourage it to be able to take me out of my comfort zone and see what I am capable of without limits. I love a challenge in building and creating structures that are a twist on the traditional. I have developed a full-proof structure using an 8x8 format mixed in with Save the Cat. (If you are a new screenwriter, I highly recommend this formula as the perfect structure sequence and easy to use.) GHOSTWRITING - Let’s take a moment and introduce ourselves, my name is Sarah Marie Melland. Ever since I was five years old, I knew I wanted to be a writer. I wrote my first script when I was in 3rd grade about a young child who met her sweetheart and then she finds out she has cancer. Wait...is that My Girl? I might have been the inspiration for My Girl. My first novel I wrote when I was in fifth grade about a big developer who comes to put a parking lot where a school is. Don’t ask me the title of these, but trust me they were prodigious. Do you have an incredibly compelling story you want to tell, but don’t even know where to begin? A book so unbelievably emotional with a little twist on a story that has already been told before? We will brainstorm and extract every ounce of information we possibly can to tell a cohesive tale. Just think of me as your therapist, but not as educated, and more extreme. What are your goals and objectives? Tell me all your wants and needs. What are your expectations, budget, timeframe, etc. Typically a 200-page book if working efficiently should only take about three to four months. Then, I will go through and developmental edit to make sure the sound and story match your needs and wants. Unlike a typical ghostwriter, I like to work closely with you to get a feel for your voice and what you truly want. We can bounce ideas off each other, collaborate on the tone you are looking to set, fixate on a roller-coaster structure, and the development of layered characters. Let’s do this! If you have an obscure subject matter, I will research. I was once able to find a crush I had with just his email address and no last name. I am diligent and know how to Google with the best of them. I went to school for mass communications and took a course on how to find credible sources, I got this, don’t you worry your sweet little heart. Any other questions? Send them my way, I would be happy to answer:) I smiley face so you know I’m sweet. DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING - Developmental editing refers to editing that aims to improve the content and structure of a manuscript. Developmental editing takes on topics such as pacing, plot, characterization, and setting. There are no set rules to abide by; instead, the developmental editor draw upon their instincts, experience, and lifetimes of heavy reading to help a manuscript reach its fullest potential. I will help curate your content into a coherent readable work and ensure your vision is successfully executed by making sure your premise, thesis, message and conclusion all make sense. If you are telling a true story or a research book, I will make sure all the content and correct works are there with none of the fluff and puff pieces. We live and die by the structure of our books. Everything needs to have flow and logic. Is there anything there that is unnecessary or seems repetitive, is anything out of place? Does the information need to be clarified better with headings, subheadings, transitional paragraphs, case studies, quotations or anecdotes? Is the technical information hard to understand for the average reader, would it be more helpful in tables, charts or graphics? Does each chapter have an up and a down? Does it need to? Does it flow from one chapter to the next? Are any chapters out of place that should be somewhere else? Are the characters developed so as we are reading, we can easily visualize them? Next comes the style of which the manuscript is written. Is the voice you are using appropriate for the work? Is your tone and way of writing the same throughout the book. Is it bland, stiff or too passive? Is it TMI territory or is it too impersonal where no one would be able to relate? Are there too many filler words, or words that are used too often? Are there better, more descriptive words we can use? I will go through the manuscript inch by inch to put the final touches making sure your book will appeal to the appropriate audiences and give you a little bit of an edge on similar books with the same topic. I will help build your ideas into a great work of art you can be proud of.

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