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Jamilya L

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Poet/Writer Available To Begin Working Immediately
West Palm Beach, Florida
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Writer in West Palm Beach, Florida

I'm an
Hi! I'm Jamilya The Ad may speak for itself, but in the case it doesn't. I am a poet / writer looking for any immediate work. My standard rate for any piece is $15 and it will come laminated! I have my own style of writing but I am capable of switching it up. I can also create a unique piece for a person, such as painters do with a muse. Below are samples of my work. Thank you!! I wrote this for a beautiful woman named Kamaria. "They called you Queen and it showed. Royalty was rolling off your hips and dripping from your hair, you had curves like Cleopatra and your silhouette resembled sovereignty. Grace draped your gown as you made your summers saunter.. And when you danced.. it was like watching the curtains sashay with the shadows in the window after a long game of hide and seek with the light.. And when you laughed it was like watching a whole forrest set ablaze because I had just discovered fire.. And when you loved, I could feel it burn." I wrote this piece for a very vibrant and youthful couple.. "I was the sun and you were the moon. My passion for you burned so bright, you spent lifetimes orbiting my aurora and fighting every desire evaporating from your craters to gravitate towards my flames. On days my light lit dim, you would step in and conceal my ambiance with your illumination using your light to radiate for the both of us. Eclipsing exhausted you. And so I spent every other day apologizing by bringing the stars to your feet. And the stars.. the stars they adored you. They lived and died beside you. Galaxies traveled at the speed of light to race to such glorious little glimmers of guidance. The planets envied you. They witnessed the way comets whisked past them at the speed of a million light years just to be adjacent to your admirable atmosphere. And even though I remain still.. watching you as you waltz on your axis.. I hope you never, ever stop dancing."

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