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Don R

I will fill this in later. In the meantime, take hop, skip, jump round my website and soundcloud songs (link on website).
New York, New York
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Writer in New York, New York

I'm an
First day I found this site—will fill in on laptop later. but in general I’ll just say that I try my best to pursue labor of love projects of all varieties and if you take a look at some of the songs that I’ve written/co-written/sometimes produced, you’ll hear material either written for or with different artists or films/tv/theater/choir and also some projects I nursed along on my own and sold some or parts of (placement-wise) later. sometimes I set the tome/vision or other times I pretty much serve a project based on anothers’ concept or a combo. Most of the things I’ve worked on, especially early on, involved me more on the lyric end because I have a pretty decent gift for bringing compelling concepts and such to songs but I also have a musical background, and having played some sax and piano, I have a very good ear and good phrasing intuition. Thus, a wide variety of music which involves songs that may require more specific narratives and also songs that are more about texture (like some of the choral works and recordings I’ve been involved with). I took about a year off from working much on music and have a desire to collaborate again with a few people outside of my usual circle . I am a seasoned collaborator and pretty good at the back-and-forth required to write a good song, be it at 2 drafts or 40. Sometimes, it’s a little tricky representing my writing because of so many different styles that I’ve been called in to participate. I am not a performer and I rarely sing my own songs out but on the albums that I’ve produced /co-produced (which are only one or two — I wrote/produced a concept album where they were a number of fine vocalists and I just sang a few (and that album was nominated for an independent music award). My wheelhouse may be more narrative songs in the realm of the American songbook or more recently those who carry that flame and/or integrate it, like include Randy Newman and Tom Waits and many others. But I also love grooves and blues and funk and compelling new ideas and sounds — all sorts of stuff. Just nothing generic, professional writers. I’m also pretty good at arrangements. Spotify is missing 2 projects i worked on that are strong (for mow) so hit the site and esp soundcloud. I wrote this on my phone and it’s a bit unwieldy so I will edit it later .

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