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Paul B

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Ghostwriter / Script Consultant (Greater Los Angeles Area / Ventur County)
Ventura, California
Active over a week ago

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Writer in Ventura, California

I'm an
Hello -- If you've taken the time to retrieve this missive it likely means that your understanding of how to get the help you're seeking to assist in your completing your project and make it viable is currently somewhat wide of the mark, and could, and likely will, ultimately cost you a great deal more in money and time. I'll keep this as brief as possible. I'm a writer-playwright / ghostwriter / screenwriter. (www.....com) I have four books (scan through Amazon's 'Search Inside' feature if you wish) in four separate genres published in the states and five plays in the UK. I've also been a creative writing and grammar instructor for advanced middle school and high school students, as well as a PSAT/SAT teacher and private language tutor for adolescents through adults. As a ghostwriter of many years (certified now since 2012), I've ghosted web pages, book synopses and segments, and sitcom teleplays and episodes, and currently completing ghosting a sports related self-help manual. I'm currently on my eighth screenplay (over a period of many years - having revisited that aspect of my writing career after a near twenty year layoff) and recently completed the ScreenwritingU ProSeries (graduating to alumni status in 2/2014). I've had major literary representation in Los Angeles for my books as well as screenplays. My 'ghosting' or spec work (not 'on spec' -- there's a major difference) in the film industry has been for, and requested by, major players. While I've had a considerable number of successes as a writer, much, if not most, of what I offer you is based on my failures rather than successes; failures that cost me a great deal of time, energy, and money. And failures that would have been ameliorated considerably had I been given the advice, knowledge, and understandings that I can share with you. If you give me a phone call you can partake in all the invaluable lessons that I've learned, relative to your project; lessons that have cost me easily tens of thousands of dollars. That phone call will cost you a mere $20.00 for up to twenty minutes of my time. One dollar for each minute thereafter -- if necessary. Or, if you prefer, you can email me your needs as you now see them, and the details of your project, and I'll email you back the necessary information for a flat fee of $50.00. My email to you will not be a form letter of any kind, but will be pointedly directed at your specific project and what you're hoping to do with it. Please be forewarned; you're going to get it 'right from the shoulder'. I have no intention of rendering fawning compliments along the lines of telling you that your idea 'brilliant' or 'revolutionary' --- 'it should be an easy sell', etc., or make it appear as if getting to your destination is going to be any easier than it's going to be. This is a very challenging industry. I will, however, dig deep into the reservoir of information that my formal training, thirty years of personal and professional experience, and hard knocks, have given me -- and give that to you.. If you are interested, you can email me ( show contact info ), and if it's a phone call you prefer, we'll set up a call time. Payments, other than additional time, if necessary, are made through PayPal on my website. I've attached my resume, and you can perhaps get a better idea of what I'm about via my LinkedIn profile -- in addition to visiting my website (above). However, please email only f you're interested in the service. Any additional qualifying information will only be time consuming for both us, and won't tell you any more than I've already offered. Also know that you will not be given any information based on speculation, or "common knowledge." As a certified personal coach, credentialed school teacher, and very successful professional photographer, my ethics in dealing with people are quite high. Whatever you get will be no bull, brick and mortar information that you can take to the bank. In any event -- I wish you the very best of all your efforts. Sincerely, Paul Bovino

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