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I am a college student and , as you may have seen, Freelance Writer who is capable of being prolific, professional, and creative with the works I produce. I accept most projects, from blogging/article writing to proof reading/editing, and I am able to work into the evenings; as well as readily working on the weekends. I am always accessible from my cell and I check my E-mail multiple times daily, in case a prospective project needs to be accepted. I started Freelance writing and editing in school, mostly small things such as writing in a few blogs and doing a few articles for friends and acquaintances of mine. In fact, recently a friend had me write a small narrative for his donation page that went as follows, "My family makes living her excruciating! I work long hours to pay for school and help pay rent; in addition to trying to calm the constant feuds behind closed doors. I want to move out and start life anew, away from the distractions of my relatives and constant conflict around me. I want to focus on school and bettering myself as a person. So , please, fund my escape from the place that has held me captive for so long. Help me begin my new life, one dollar at a time." He requested that I write about his life in a dim-light, of course, in order the garner the sympathies of prospective donators who just so happened to stumble on his page. This being said, I am confident I can accommodate most any request that comes my way and yield the results that are asked of me. I am friendly , work well with others if need be, very capable under pressure and I can work well with regular, strict deadlines that need to be met in a certain amount of time. I am a perfectionist by nature and I can work well without supervision, ensuring quick and precise completion of any task handed to me. I primarily do writing and editing projects from home and I am capable of juggling multiple assignments if needed. I sincerely hope we will come in contact soon.

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