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My first screenplay was for a Disney Internship. It was written specifically for the position and was submitted with my application package. There were plenty of applicants and I didn't get the internship. But, that's when I fell in love with writing screenplays. Of course, I was already in love with writing books. I've written over 20 books in my life and just about as many screenplays. I'm actually shopping around the 5 that I've written from my own concepts and I'm converting one of them into a book. In addition to that, "A River in the Ocean" is a book that I wrote that I converted into a screenplay. Not only have I done conversions for myself, but I've done plenty of them for clients as well. I recently wrote a screenplay about an officer who goes undercover in a gang and gets so close, he has to get yanked out before he gets caught up in a gang war. It led to one of the biggest drug busts in the state of Florida. Just before that, I wrote the book and he loved my writing that much that he hired me for the conversion. A few years ago, I wrote a book about the Joker's early life. It leads up to his first and it was totally out of revenge for the death of his family. Yes, that's right. This client had the idea that the Joker had an unbelievably tough childhood, but grew up to be a good husband and father until his family was taken away from him. The client wanted me to write the story so that it hinted that it was about the Joker. It was challenging to mastermind how to accomplish that feat. It doesn't take long for me to write either one. My most recent work was a screenplay about conversion camps. I was hired in July and given an incentive to finish it by the end of August. I made the deadline with days to spare. If you'd like to look at some of my work, feel free to take a look around: http://....com http://....com http://....com If you are looking for a completed screenplay, don't hesitate to send me a request: A River in the Ocean - (Drama) A single father separated from his daughter by an awkward accident fights through amnesia to start searching for what's missing in his life, his daughter. Funniest Damn Crime Movie - (Comedy) When a lady is found dead in an alley, it's going to take the intuitive skill of investigators and the advanced technology of forensics to figure out what happened. Too bad our team doesn't have either. I Know Where You Are - (Horror/Thriller) When a murderous internet stalker uses the right smartphone apps to find any girl he wants at any time, his victims have no idea he's coming and there is only one deadly connection between them. You Can't Keep It All - (Rockabilly Drama) He's a club owner with everything going for him until he realizes his silent partners have a corrupt business venture going on behind the scenes and they are about to steal away the only person who matters to him.

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